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About the Founder of the Mirrors Magazine


Simon Modikeng Lekau is very passionate about life changing programs around his community and the African continent, hence forth he established this brand and embarked on making sure it makes a huge difference in many ways. At a very young age Simon had a dream of something great in life. He always dreamt of becoming one of the most celebrated business men the world has ever seen.

In 2005 after the Diamond company an international renowned brand closed its doors, Mr. Lekau took a stand to start his first small business, trading mainly in educational materials and all kinds of business and school furnitures. At the same time he enrolled into a private business college to study a business management diploma.

In 2010 Simon Lekau structured his potential and capacity by setting up around 37 sub-divisions for KMM brand and named each company and registered it independently. So each as the managing director for that brand. That makes Simon Lekau the owner. 100% shareholder off all companies and entitle him to be the president and group CEO of all these companies under the umbrella of the SML Africa holdings group.


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