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About the Mirrors Magazine


The Mirrors Magazine is part of the Lefika Media company which has been in existence since 2017.

Over the years, it has become more evident that our business community needs a voice and have access to information, we are here to fill that void. Employees and Entrepreneurs in the business industry are a forgotten segment of our society, albiet a very important one. We felt that by providing a business advertising magazine dedicated to the businesses and their communities will allow us to reach an audience that will appreciate the information at their fingertips. There isn't such a media company that provides both and dedicated to this market.

We are Christian and have the experience and it is for this reason, why we have launched this magazine ... it is well needed.

Our aim is to become one of the leading media companies aimed at businesses and their communities in the Northern Cape and furthering our footprint into the national arena.

Customer/Market Satisfaction
- Consider the customer, the Christian and their families in all we do
- Exceed the expectations of internal and external customers - surprise and delight them
- Do what's right forChristian, our sponsors and our clients
- Talk and act with Christians and their families in mind
- Build long-term relationships

Our passion is to expanded in the community by building and skills transfer. This is based on quality, service and a commitment to supporting our clients in professional but always friendly way.

The Mirrors Magazine

The Company was found by Simon Lefika in 2018. Cornerstone Magazine is a subsidiary of Lefika Media and is a proudly empowered South African company.

The Company is 100% black owned and controlled company. The founding members hail from diverse skills backgrounds having occupied senior positions in corporate companies of South Africa.

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Address: W343 Auction Road, Westend, Kimberley 8301, Northern Cape,
South Africa

Tax number: 9568722125
VAT number: 495040434

Telephone number: (+27) 060 503 4785

E-mail address: seunsen@yahoo.com or info@mirrorsmagazine.co.za

The Mirrors Magazine is a sub-division of the KIMMECHARNTS GROUP

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