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Welcome to the Mirrors Magazine


The mirrors its a business to business marketing tool designed to help small enterprise developments structure.

Helping your small business grow with information, insights, and inspiration for engaged small business owners and entrepreneurs.

This platform is to create opportunities for SMMEs around South African shores to help develop and grow faster than they are doing, it is an added value to their existing business by reaching new markets.

Mirrors Magazine is a hardcopy and e-magazine that is distributed to local shops where the general public can pick one up. We have targeted a niche market by only targeting specific businesses within a specific genre type work arena.

We interact with both government and private sector to help this small entities to grow by being a marketing channel to reach many unknown markets.

The aim of The Mirrors is to do a vast dedicated work and portray as a medium to established a network thru a means of rebranding them both at local and national area.

The Mirrors is a A5 folded leaflet/newsletter/pamphlet that allows us to market small businesses and to able to cater additional value-added advertising for them for an affordable small fee.

The mirrors it is distributed at malls, taxi,bus terminals and door to doors according to the demand based upon the area of needs and network.

Unlike your local newspaper and community based newspapers, we are more of a pamphlet and a news share organ at the same time will be adviertising your business and share the small branded business life and personal challenges of an entrepreneur.



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The Mirrors Magazine is a sub-division of the KIMMECHARNTS GROUP

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